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Everett "Stony" Stonebraker, Realtor
Steinbauer Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 0232
Miami, Florida 33256
Fax: (863) 644-7060

Stony is a real estate investor and associate with Steinbauer Associates, Inc. His primary real estate investments to date have been residential and land and he has recently changed his focus to commercial real estate.
Prior to real estate, Stony advised startups and early stage ventures in their early growth stages. His diverse career has included building an electric car which was entered in the MIT to CalTech Clean Air Car Race and early research into the use of fiber optics for communications.

Stony’s career began in the telecommunications industry when he worked for IBM on a NASA contract testing communications equipment and guidance computers and writing flight verification computer programs for the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo program. He subsequently worked in the airline industry before joining Florida Power and Light Company (FPL).

At FPL, Stony managed Telecommunications winning Network World's national User Excellence Award for the strategic use of telecommunications. He introduced FPL's first corporate networks for voice, data, video, and fiber optics transmission. Stony was the catalyst in forming FPL FiberNet, a fiber optic telecommunications transmission company which was sold in 2016 for $1.5 billion. He also started a radio tower leasing business for FPL which they currently operate and he wrote the business plan which was used to migrate the country’s first TV transmissions to fiber optics networks from satellites. He was deeply involved in FPL's Quality Improvement Program as an Application Expert (“Black Belt”) and was an active participant in the examination for Japan’s Deming Prize, which FPL was awarded in 1989.

Stony holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Miami.
He and his wife, Anne Grealy, have one son, Graham, and they live in Coral Gables.
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