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Bringing a buyer and a seller together to work out an acceptable agreement which services both of their interests equally requires a professional broker. Steinbauer Associates, Inc’s people are specialists who are experts in every phase of representing a firm or investor seeking to buy or sell property. From marketing the property to the final negotiation of the sale, the company does it all.
The company has literally “cut its teeth” on the nuts and bolts of real estate activity. As your broker we provide a complete advertising and promotional effort on behalf of our clients. We provide comprehensive leasing skills which are essential to the execution of agreements acceptable to both tenant and landlord. We provide on site leasing activities and we get RESULTS!
Finding the “RIGHT” location.dealing with governmental agencies.knowing the transport networks.knowing the labor markets.understanding and knowing what is a “GOOD” real estate buy - these are but a few of the major decisions and questions to be handled by the company looking to locate or relocate its industrial/office or other commercial facility.
Steinbauer Associates, Inc. knows or will find out the answer to the many complex real estate questions required because they represent everyone’s best interest. They are not committed to a single property or geographical region.they offer a company complete objectivity - their prime interest in selecting a site is how well does it meet the company's needs.  
We manage your property as if it were our very own. We understand the importance of providing superior quality property management and accounting services as they relate to operating improvements, property maintenance, tenant retention and owner satisfaction.
Superior quality property management not only enhances a commercial property’s physical appeal to tenants but increases its investment potential as well.
Steinbauer Associates, Inc. represents tenants who demand a higher level of professional service in today’s more sophisticated commercial real estate markets. Whether you are looking to own or lease commercial real estate or require consulting or analytical services our staff of seasoned professionals will provide specific market knowledge and analysis on a confidential basis.
By offering litigation support our experienced veterans offer Expert Witness testimony for commercial and industrial real estate issues such as sale and lease transactions, property management, fiduciary duties, and investment analysis.
If you are looking for someone to troubleshoot a specific problem, the market experts at Steinbauer Associates, Inc. are ready to assist. Let us be your commercial real estate department. Contact us for terms of engagement, references and current fee schedule.
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