What the SIOR Professional Can Do For You

As members of The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors James J. Steinbauer, John R. Steinbauer and J.R. Steinbauer, Jr. hold the designation of Specialist in Industrial and Office Real Estate (SIOR). This is an organization which specializes in handling and coordinating all phases of Industrial and Commercial real estate activity. With more than 3,000 members in virtually every State, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Asia and South Africa, members of the Society have the unique capability of providing local, national, and international cooperative transactions.

SIOR members work effectively with over 1,000 cooperating offices in more than 580 cities worldwide. What does this mean to you? It means that the SIOR member with whom you work in your local area can locate a facility or site to meet your precise specifications in your home area or anywhere in North America and abroad. While you attend to other responsibilities at home, your SIOR contact assembles a list of properties meeting your requirements.

Transaction Data shows the success of SIOR members:

Extrapolated data shows that in 2008 the average SIOR member estimated that he or she leased or sold an average of 1.4 million square feet of space for a total dollar volume of $25.6 million in 32 transactions.

As a group, SIOR designees sold or leased more than 3.3 billion square feet of space in 83,500 transactions.

The member who holds the SIOR designation can serve all of the functions of a real estate department for your firm. SIOR’s are brokers, consultants, negotiators, appraisers, and coordinators. Example of the services provided by SIOR’s are as follows:

  • Sales Agent – An SIOR can serve as a sales agent to market your Industrial land or building or office property promptly, using his cooperating offices in over 580 cities, as well as his contacts in 26 foreign countries.
  • Broker – A SIOR can serve as a broker in leasing or subleasing your plant, warehouse or offices by negotiating a short or long term lease, allowing you to vacate a property.
  • Site Survey Broker or Consultant – An SIOR can serve as a broker or consultant in making site surveys of all available sites that meet your specifications.
  • Confidential Site Selection Broker or Consultant – An SIOR can serve as a broker or consultant to find you an existing facility, while keeping your identity confidential.
  • Expert Negotiator – An SIOR, as an experienced specialist, can serve as an expert negotiator in handling a purchase or lease transaction.
  • Consultant on Investment Property – An SIOR can be a consultant on investment property, giving you the best, most up-to-date advice.
  • Estimator – An SIOR can help you decide how to price a property for sale or lease by estimating the value of that property under various marketing circumstances.
  • Appraiser – An SIOR can render fee appraisals that are often needed to support decisions made by your company.

The Most Respected Network of Corporate Property Specialist in the World.

Before you begin any major real estate transaction, it pays to consult an expert who can get you the best deal possible. If you have a member of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors on your team, you are working with a real estate professional who’s part of the network of cooperating offices in more than 580 cities. That’s called networking. And an SIOR member can perform not only as an experienced broker, but as a consultant on property values, marketing strategy, timing consideration, negotiating and coordinating complex real estate transactions.

If you are the person in charge of your company’s real estate sales and acquisitions program, your next transaction should take advantage of the experience and skills offered by a real estate specialist who stands behind the SIOR shield. You can rely on an SIOR member for all industrial and office real estate services. (Contact us today for our directory of industrial and office real estate specialists).

You can be confident that the SIOR member is a truly professional real estate specialist. Extremely rigid entrance requirements for membership in the Society provide you with the assurance that an SIOR member will be equipped with the highest level of
knowledge in the field.

Out of several million real estate agents in the world only 3,000 have qualified to hold the prestigious SIOR designation and Steinbauer Associates, Inc. has 3 of them!

SIOR is a global, professional association that represents the commercial real estate industry’s top producers. The prestigious SIOR designation is professional recognition of the highest level of achievement, knowledge, accountability, and ethical standards in today’s real estate industry. Real Estate transaction professionals who hold SIOR certification are widely recognized by real estate executives, other commercial real estate brokers agents and lenders, as the most experienced and capable brokerage practitioners in the commercial brokerage community. Those holding the SIOR designation represent industrial and office brokers, sales management, advisory services, and executive management specialists.

A professional affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS, SIOR is dedicated to the practice and maintenance of the highest professional and ethical standards. Founded in 1941 (in answer to the U. S. War Departments’ request for assistance to locate industrial facilities), SIOR maintains a commitment to business and industry by providing outstanding professional services, publications, and educational programs. Today, the global SIOR network includes over 3,000 members in over 580 markets in 26 countries on six continents. SIOR also offers an Associate membership level that includes corporate executives, developers, educators, lenders, and others involved in the commercial real estate industry.

The Florida Chapter

The Florida Chapter of SIOR is comprised of approximately 200 members representing the leading real estate professionals in the State of Florida. In addition to statewide meetings, each major regional Florida area also plans its own local events, thus providing networking opportunities and communications networks that help facilitate business transactions.

J.R. Steinbauer

J.R. Steinbauer

Immediate Past President SIOR Florida

J.R. Steinbauer, SIOR is currently serves on the State of Florida Board of Directors as Immediate Past President. http://www.siorfl.com/officers.html
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