Back in mid-March, Glassdoor surveyed employees about their thoughts on the impending necessity for employees to work from home. About half of employees thought they could be just as productive at home, or more. They also cited potential distractions and concerns, such as TV taking them away from their work, and a lack of human interaction making them “stir-crazy”.

Seven months later and there have been multiple studies on remote work. Most results concur that 90% of employees and company leaders agree that they are just as or more productive working remotely. Additionally, moving forward post-pandemic many employees expect to be able to work from home in the future, at least part time. It is clear that remote work is here to stay, but how will this affect the office and commercial real estate?

Although the utilization of office space will be drastically changed by the increase of remote work, the office is still here to stay too. The office of the post-covid world should now be equipped with more open space for team collaboration, social connection, seminars, and trainings. Employees were asked why they would return to the office, and the majority stated for team connection and community, to collaborate face to face, and for access to technology not available in their homes.

It is now clear that employees are much more productive working from home than originally thought when covid shook the world. Employees may never again spend as much time in the office as they had pre-covid. However, when they do it will be far more intentional than before.